Michael Jones

Design & Development

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Responsive Websites

Beautiful, effective websites that perform perfectly across all devices.

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Custom WordPress Themes

Build your brand, drive sales and simplify management with an extraordinary theme built just for you.

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Web Apps

Engage your audience and take your business to the next level with PWAs.

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Plugin Development

Original plugins and advanced customizations of popular ones for the features you want.


Hello! I design and develop apps and websites for organizations that want to build their brand.
My clients include leaders in technology, entertainment, media, architecture and design as well as restaurants, clubs, political causes and nonprofits.


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The troubles with too many plugins and how to avoid them

Your site can crash with one bad plugin, but function fine with 15 well-written ones. Here are the problems with plugins and how to avoid them.


How worried are we about relying on the web?

Significantly fewer Americans in 2018 were worried about the safety of doing business online, according to a new Rasmussen poll.

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