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HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React.js, PHP, Python

I help clients grow their business and build their brand on the web.

As a web developer with a Master’s in psychology and expertise in user behavior, I design sites and apps that your customers, and you, will love using.

For me, this is work I love doing, and all roads have led me here.

Web development is the outcome of a career path that began in journalism and criss-crossed music, broadcasting, publishing and advertising. I started building web pages in 1994 largely as a hobby. By 1996, when I was head of an advertising agency in Los Angeles, I became fascinated with multimedia on the web. As I experimented with the technology of the time, I was hooked.

While I earned my Master’s degree in 1999, I founded LA’s E Factory, where we built sites for musical artists as well as downloading sites, online ticketing for local music events, and collaborative projects with LA’s booming club scene.

Throughout the 2000s, I’ve worked extensively with music and media projects, both in Los Angeles and, since 2015, Seattle. Along the way, I’ve continued honing my technical skills as well as my research and analytical ones.

Evolving with the web since those early days has been a thrill ride. We moved from building web pages like billboards on an “Information Superhighway” to creating meaningful, interactive experiences for users.

I’m a forward-focused developer, always looking toward future applications of new technologies. In addition to my work in front-end development , I’m exploring and experimenting in artificial intelligence.

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